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LotusIQ Teknoloji A.S

LotusIQ Teknoloji Anonim Sirketi is an Ankara-based engineering company that gathers BUILDING AUTOMATION and FACTORY AUTOMATION solutions under a single roof.

It provides energy management and distribution systems, switching products, KNX smart building lighting-air conditioning-blinds-shutter and multimedia control systems, wireless remote control and monitoring software, hotel concierge software, intercom systems, camera and security pass systems, fire, network and weak current solutions and services in BUILDING AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES.   

LotusIQ provides industrial sensors, industrial controllers, RFID - HF/UHF/Barcode identification systems, cable and connection boxes, Fieldbus I/O modules, safety switches and control for machinery, joysticks, electronic key and authorization, interface technology, image (vision) processing and camera, lights and indicators for machinery and production lines, industrial steel fence and vacuum transportation system solutions and services in FACTORY AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES. 

 It offers active field sales and engineering services of technical support, project design, estimation, turnkey installation, panel production, periodic maintenance, and commissioning.

With its experiences gained in all processes of prestigious corporate construction projects, and production improvement, quality control, design and, R&D processes in factories, LotusIQ set its vision. It provides solutions for the demands of construction projects and factories using the best quality, design-awarded, new technologies of Europe, and the World. With the pre-sales and after-sales technical supports it offers, LotusIQ aims at continuous customer satisfaction.   LotusIQ is the solution partner of the best quality brands leading the market in the industry.

Being the leading company within its region, LotusIQ has references from the most prestigious residences, villas, hotels, commercial, public, private projects, and production plants in Ankara and Turkey. 
Innovative WorksOffers smart automation systems of advanced technologies to its customers.
Experienced StaffWith its specialized technical team, Lotus IQ Teknoloji provides troublefree installations for projects
Quality ServiceIn its services, Lotus IQ Teknoloji always sets to work with the understanding of better quality.
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