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We plan to use the latest technology products of today in your villa project and will follow an engineering understanding to offer spaces that improve the quality of your life. We developed a project in which the system has selfcontrol tools, central monitoring and control are possible, and user errors are minimized.  

Thanks to the EIB/KNX system, serious energy savings and comfort will be achieved, and advantages with high returns will be gained. It is worth indicating that the controls you can request in the future can easily be integrated into the system.     

• You can perform checks on the systems required for a comfortable life such as optimum temperature, air, lighting, electric blinds in accordance with personal life in each room, within scenarios, automatically or manually according to the ambient conditions; you can monitor the entire system with central controls and save energy.   

• Thanks to the internationally accepted KNX communication standard, instead of being dependent on the products of a single manufacturer, all the devices using this protocol can be integrated into the system. In this way, it is possible for all desired functions to take effect immediately or later in the system.   

• KNX is an open data bus standard and an integrated communication protocol used for all these applications. Thanks to the standardization it brings, it provides additional comfort, security, and energy-saving functions to be integrated immediately or later; thus, it is an ideal platform for the automation system to be flexibly extended. 
LIGHTING - All lighting can be turned on and off via a button or a touch panel from any suitable place in the house with On-Off control, 

- Using dimmer lighting control, the most ideal lighting level can be set for a dinner with the candle light ambience, a well-lit working environment, or for reading,   

- Creating scenarios and creating the desired ambiance with a single touch (lighting scenarios such as dinner, chatting, reading),   

- With the presence detectors, ensuring lighting control and energy saving through a relatively sensitive detection compared to a motion detector,   

- Thanks to the light sensor, turning on the desired lighting when the sun goes down, and to turn them off when the sun is up,   

- The feature of monitoring and controlling the on or off status of the lighting systems of all areas through the touch screen,   

- Room or floor-based lighting control,   

- The feature of controlling all the power sockets,   

- The feature of automated adjustment of the brightness to a level that will not disturb your eyes thanks to the Brightness Sensor,   

- With its Timer and Logic features, it provides timing and logic controls to prevent user errors, thereby saving energy... 
BLINDS/SHUTTER - With the Blinds/Shutter Control, you can open and close all the blinds from anywhere in the house via the button or touch panel, 

 - With the Brightness Sensor, the light sensor automatically adjusts the position of the blinds-shutters according to the detected light level. The shading in your building is automatically provided during hot summer days. Or, in winter, when the sun goes down early, heat-insulated shutters can automatically adjust their own positions, 

 - Thanks to the Weather Station, the desired lighting can be turned on when it gets dark or turned off when the sun is up,   

- It is possible to create scenarios and the desired ambiance with a single touch (such as dinner, chat, reading Blinds/Shutter scenarios), 
- Thanks to the air conditioning control, the temperatures of different spaces are kept at the most reasonable level. The desired temperature value can be set via the smart switches and from the center according to the changing conditions, and usage limitations for rooms can be imposed.   

- When doing these controls, you can use all the functions such as lighting, air conditioning, and scenarios together via the smart switch with thermostat, which is compatible with the architectural concept of the room...   

- You can control Air Conditioning and Fan Coil systems in the rooms or the entire house,   

- The feature of using on/off control in heating systems, and room-based controls, 

- The feature of switching on and off remotely when you are not at home,   

- Suitable and separate temperature levels for night and day time or for desired times 

 - Standby temperature level when the room is empty. 

 - Central monitoring and control.   

- You can get status information of all the systems in your house via mobile devices such as Iphone, Ipad, android and you can accordingly make lighting, heating/cooling, blinds controls for each room when you are inside or outside the house.
SECURITY - Motion detector protection in different areas, 

 - Protection via fire, gas, and smoke detectors,   

- Interfering with water leakages with leakage sensors   

- Setting and disabling alarms via touch panel,
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