As Lotus IQ, we prioritize energy efficiency and quality service approach along with comfort in our Hotel solutions...     

Our main goal is to make your guests feel that they are in a special place and also to offer technology and ease of use together in our room solutions.   

Guests' control of the complete room automation system is handled innovatively by Interra. The desired action can be simply applied via both mobile devices and new generation touch panels in the room.   

The room's controlling itself to ensure economy and comfort is the basic feature of the system. Therefore, software, hardware, and central (Hotel room management software - IS Server) applications of Interra are preferred by the leading brands of the world.     

Conveniently Designed Room Modes for Maximum Energy Saving Each of them is envisioned and reshaped to provide the most optimal comfort and savings. Modes automatically switch according to the status of the room and play a key role in minimizing energy consumption, which is the highest running cost. 

- Housekeeping
- Economy - Custom modes
- Air conditioning scenarios
- Comfort mode - Sub-comfort mode
- Welcome scenarios - Check-in
- Check-out
- Sleep/Night modes
- Frost protection 
Integrated Comfort and Technology
- Complete solutions beyond your expectations with a wide range of product and color options 

- Specially developed software   

- Imini Hotel that brings a new-generation perspective     

Besides allowing hotel room controls, Imini Hospitality ensures you to call the room scenarios. You can conveniently use the "clean the room", "do not disturb" modes with the application. 
With integrated temperature sensor and logic capabilities, it applies comfort modes and saves energy. Your guests can enjoy comfort through both Imini panel and mobile by only touching. 
With Lotus IQ, you can find the most optimal solution either in the KNX standard or in the IP-based EIO GRMS standard. Complete automation control is possible with 2 different concepts that Lotus IQ offers.
- Imini
- Interra DND - Pushbuttons
- Conventional detectors
- IS Server GRMS software
- Interra KNX Combo - Iswitch 
- Imini - KNX detectors and sensors
- Interra DND
- Interra BIM modules
- Interra Gateways 

Lotus IQ EIO solution   

Do you need a simple solution that allows you to control all of the electrical applications in the hotel rooms? 
We offer you a unique combination with EIO. EIO is a modular device with configurable inputs and outputs with Hotel System Manager (Hager Hotel System Manager); with this smart interface, you can remotely manage and control all the applications (heating, air conditioning, lights, shutters, etc.) in your rooms.

Easy to use, no complexity You can achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction with products and systems designed to be used comfortably by all age groups. 
You can allow your guests to interact with the facility by providing the use of hotel services via touch panels and mobile devices.
You can deliver several activities such as SPA, taxi, cleaning, sports, concerts, meals, etc. to your guests. You can contribute to a unique experience and to the image of the facility by providing this in an interactive way. 
The concierge/services have a completely flexible structure that can be customized according to the facility. All services in the facility and informational advertisements can be delivered to rooms and mobile devices via concierge service. 

Mobile control, Interra Pro applications package is available to VIP users on all operating systems and platforms.   

You can do all room automation controls with a single touch from your bed 
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